Equipmental Rental


We also possess a host of 16 mm LED panels for stage back drop, apart from the LED battens, LED Par Cans, LED strips, and a heavy duty LED dance floor which is the highlight of our equipment list, and gives a big face-lift to any event.


Be it an open air concert or a conference in a secluded banquet hall, sound is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the success of an event. Many similar situations regularly crop up in events at the last moment, which often leads to embarrassing situations. At HJJ, we understand the technicalities that go into creating the right kind of sound ambiance for events, and use state-of-the-art technology from the biggest names like Martin Audio Sound to deliver the right kind of impact.

The HJJ portfolio includes speakers like the entire range of Martin Audio Line Array, EV`s and many more. When it comes to mixing consoles, we are proud to state that we were the first rental company in Maharashtra to possess the Yamaha M7CL, and the only company in Bombay and Thane District to possess M7CL consoles.


We have vast mix of the internationally acclaimed intelligent lighting fixtures such as: Clay Paky and Martin in spots & wash lights. We possess a wide range of ETC Source Four profiles, source pars, ACL bars, PAR 64, ARRI lights and Studio Due citi colors.


Audio visuals are the lifeblood of events when it comes to creating an impact on the minds of the audience, and HJJ, with its cutting edge technology, ensures that its visual stage gear helps you take your event experience to a new high. So whether it is a strategic presentation for future initiatives or a larger than life depiction of the brand, we have every possible display hardware  right from 20 inch to an edge-blended screen spanning across more than 20 meters! We take pride in the fact that our AV technology has powered some of the most phenomenal events across the world, and we can utilize the same to give you the results you desire.

Various sizes in different aspect ratios can be supplied as per your specific requirements.

Trussing & Roofing

Our super truss systems are from VMB lifts 25 years VMB have been designing and manufacturing the leading towerlift brand in the World, the world leader in quality and safety. Our super truss GS-30 measures Technical specifications Maximum height 12 m, Maximum load 1500 Kg, Elevation 1000 Kg CM hoist Structure Square truss 30 x 30 cm, Main bars 50 mm x 3,5 mm, Braces 26 mm x 3,5 mm.

GS-40 measures s Technical specifications Maximum height 14 m, Maximum load 3000 Kg, Elevation 2000 Kg CM hoist, Structure Square truss 40 x 40 cm, Main bars 50 mm x 3,5 mm, Braces 26 mm x 3,5 mm.A full ground support roof structure from VMB, mainly used for outdoor concerts, forms an important part of our inventory.


HJJ production divisions have been dedicated to providing the highest quality world class services.

HJJ Production provides unparalleled event rental services to a vast array of clientele including national recording artists, corporate event and meeting planners, theme parks, and major sporting events. From festival organizers to presidential candidates, if you are in need of instrument rental, sound reinforcement including sound, lights, stage, truss, projector, masking, fabrication & highend dj consoles or event production for the entertainment and corporate industry, HJJ Production Resources is the superior choice.



When it comes to unraveling the brand for the world to behold, you cant afford to go wrong. The stakes are high, and more often than not, one chance...



In the past 7 yrs. HJJ have gained exceptional experience in managing almost all types of events across Maharashtra and some other major cities.