When it comes to unraveling the brand for the world to behold, you cant afford to go wrong. The stakes are high, and more often than not, one chance is all you get to make a lasting impression. Fortunately for our clients, one chance is all HJJ needs!

Our approach to exhibitions is quite different from how we would execute a concert or a congress, because we understand that a lot more than the brands reputation is at stake. A successful show can pave the road for phenomenal growth in the times to come, and this is why understanding the brand and the values it represents is first on our list of priorities.

We create a flawless communication strategy so that the USP of the brand and its offering is properly conveyed to people who matter, and then proceed to explore the possibilities that can make it happen. Little wonder that stalls and kiosks using our services always come out on top even in the face of daunting competition.


While concerts are a gala time for the audience, the events team knows its not a cakewalk. Besides booking the venue, making security arrangements and getting the right artists, managing the stage setup takes a toll on even the most experienced of professionals. And this is precisely the reason why you need a team to manage the entire show, ensuring that everything falls in place just the way it was meant to.


Be it charting the course for the way ahead, celebrating the successes of the times gone by, or motivating the team to gear up for an exciting phase, internal congresses and conferences require the highest levels of perfection when it comes to event execution. Too often, one is so busy figuring out the big picture that the little details (that make a big difference, by the way!) are left out of the contention. And when the moment of reckoning arrives, it is this attention to detail that separates a perfect rendezvous from one that was marred with little niggles that came in the way of the course of things.

At HJJ, we believe that all the elements need to be in perfect cohesion with each other, so as to provide the ideal environment for fulfilling the purpose of the meeting, and this is why some of the most reputed companies in MUMBAI trust us with their official meets.

Wedding theme and concept creation

Wedding stages communicate a lot about the bride's style and the event in general. HJJ offer contemporary, traditional and modern stylish designs to enhance any wedding venue. All of our stages can be modified to meet your style, theme or colour requirements.

HJJ has taken the concept to a new level. HJJ original designer decors and personal approach ensures that his service is uncompromising from the most intimate weddings to the grandest of celebrations to your individuality, taste and monetary requirements.

Our designs are self manufactured and NOT IMPORTED DECORS. We specialise in Christian, Muslim, Hindi and South indian weddings, engagements, birthdays, corporate events & fashion shows.

School, College Fests & College Events

Socializing is a must for the human race. If it so, then why not in the best possible manner?

With a team of expert, HJJ make the School/College event a major success. These School/College Events can also be based on a specific theme as suggested by the clients’. These solutions are available at the most pocket-friendly rates.

The institiution get the publicity that it needs through the mode we suggest in our proposal for instance radio promotions, social Newsletter. HJJ have college representatives for every college campus in Mumbai, and we are the only organization with the infrastructure to market an event to college students statewide. HJJ have the state`s most experienced promoters, who have worked with many celebrities, radio stations, renowned DJs, musical artists etc.

Our statewide marketing program is in a class of its own. With one email blast, we can have your event to students all over the state. Not to mention our School/College representatives, who are able to distribute flyers on their campuses and promote your event via Facebook, Twitter, and various other social networks and make your event officially a statewide event.

So, when it comes to making your event a success, HJJ Trendz has just what it takes, to make that happen.


Equipment Rentals

We also possess a host of 16 mm LED panels for stage back drop, apart from the LED battens, LED Par Cans, LED strips, and a heavy duty LED dance...



In the past 7 yrs. HJJ have gained exceptional experience in managing almost all types of events across Maharashtra and some other major cities.